Attendance Instruction


AONS 2021 Online Platform:
*During the conference, please log in to AONS 2021 Online System to attend the conferecne. You will see the detailed agenda and meeting link for each room, please enter the corresponding password sent out by Registraiton Office on November 12 to join the meeting. 
*請於會期間登入AONS 2021 線上系統以參加會議,您將可於系統內查閱詳細議程及點選各線上教室會議連結,並請輸入11月12日由大會秘書處寄發的密碼進入。

滿意度調查(Satisfaction Survey Form)

Click Here to Complete the Satisfaction Survey.
Please take a few minutes to complete the AONS 2021 Satisfaction Survey Form. Your opinion is very important to us. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements in future conference.
*The Certificate of Attendance/Presentation will be sent out by AONS 2021 Secretariat after questionnaire is completed.
Please complete the survey form by November 19.

教育積分認證 (Domestic Only)

積分項目: 護理師/士繼續教育積分、專科護理師繼續教育積分、台灣心理腫瘤醫學學會(TPOS)教育積分

1. 請依規定完成每日簽到退(未完成者不給予當日積分),半天需進行二次簽到退、全天需進行三次簽到退。
2. 簽到退表單「提交」後,您會收到google表單的email通知,收到mail表示您已完成本次簽到退,請確認您是否收到mail,若未收到請於開放時間內再次進行簽到退,時間結束後不再開放提供補簽到退。
※ 積分相關問題,請洽台灣腫瘤護理學會: +886-2-2790-3158

日期(Date) 簽到/簽退 (Sign-In/Sign-Out) 開放簽到退時間(Opening Hours) 網址(Sign-In/Sign-Out Form)
November 17 上午簽到(Sign-In) 08:45~09:15 Click Here
上午簽退(Sign-Out) 11:45~12:15 Click Here
November 18 上午簽到(Sign-In) 08:45~10:15 Click Here
下午簽到(Sign-In) 12:45~13:15 Click Here
下午簽退(Sign-Out) 16:45~17:15 Click Here
November 19 上午簽到(Sign-In) 08:45~09:15 Click Here
下午簽到(Sign-In) 12:45~13:15 Click Here
下午簽退(Sign-Out) 15:45~16:45 Click Here